Guidelines post-defense
Guidelines post-defense

General guidelines for the post-defense phase of dissertation, examination of qualification for phd of doctoral, and thesis

1. Initially, you must make the technical and policy corrections indicated by the members of your examining bank. The final version of your Dissertation or Thesis is the one you will deliver to the PPGCS Secretariat. Present your final version of your advocacy document to your advisor for science and document conferencing. The PPGCS Secretariat will not conduct any kind of conference on the content of the defense document;

2. In this final version of your Dissertation, Doctoral or Thesis Qualification Exam, you must include the Defense Approval Sheet, which must be signed by all members and alternates (who appear) in their defense, including the a) Counselor and Co-coordinator (if any);

3. Postgraduate PhD students who are conducting the Qualification Exam must only submit the Defense Approval Sheet at the PPGCS Secretariat;

4. Only for postgraduate students of the Academic and Doctoral Master's: their final document of defense of Dissertation or Thesis must be sent by e-mail to the secretariat of the PPGCS ( This document must be in digital format (.pdf type) for the preparation of the own Catalytic Record that should be inserted in your dissertation or thesis, corrected final version. The preparation of the Catalog takes about 10 business days, as it also involves the participation of other sectors of Unimontes (Central Library Professor Antônio Jorge). The insertion of this document is the responsibility of the postgraduate (a) and its advisor (a);

5. Request a signed and printed copy of your Defense Act from the PPGCS Secretariat. But remember: you have 30 days to deliver all post-defense documents of interest (see below) at the PPGCS Secretariat so that you can get your Master's or PhD in Health Sciences certificate. The 30-day period should include the necessary time dedicated to the preparation of the Catalog Sheet;

6. See the documents that you must send printed (a copy) and CD containing all the documents scanned to the Secretariat of the PPGCS-Unimontes, after your defense:
7. In the absence of any of these documents, the PPGCS secretariat will not receive the CD.